Calendar of Events

Third Sunday of every month: Antique Market
Carnival: Carnival of Valenzatico
March and April: Spring concerts, classical music and Opera
Good Friday (every three years): Procession of Jesus Christ’s corpse
April and May: Border Land Jazz music festival
July : Summer in Tizzana
August: “Calici sotto le stelle” – Evening dedicated to Wine tasting
September: September in Quarrata
September: Livestock Trade fair
October: International Poetry Prize of the City of Quarrata
October: Grape festival
November: Perbacco (Typical regional wine and products)

June: Opera Festival
July: Pistoia Blues
July: “Giostra dell'Orso”
September: Medieval Festival

Florence and surrounding area
Easter: “Scoppio del Carro” – Wagon explosion
June: Florence’s historical football game
June: Saint John Baptist Holiday
July: Threshing festival
August: Saint Bartolemy Holiday
September: Grape festival
September: “Andar per Cantine” - Visiting Wine Cellars day
September: “Palio degli Arcieri” – the Archers’ Palio
September: Historical Evocation
December: Christmas market

August: Summer in Vinci

July: Mercantia

July: “Mercatale” fair

September: Saint Michael, Parade and the Archers Palio
December: “Fierucola"